By going to you can create free podcasts. Here at Sandhills Chapel we use this to get sermons out online.

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At Sandhills Chapel, we have been raising money for our cause for some time now, and our dedicated team works hard every day to find ways to fundraise, raise awareness, and encourage the local and national community to get involved. If you want to know more about donations send us a message to get in touch.

Giving to the less fortunate

We understand how precious every penny you earn is to you and your family, but we hope you’ll find it in your heart to spare whatever you can you help our charitable cause. We rely on your generosity each and every day as we work tirelessly to help those in need. Rest assured, all the money we raise goes straight back into our charitable endeavours, helping those who need it most.

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The Sandhills Chapel has sermons each and every Sunday at:


Donations by checks made to Rev Robert A Wood Sr
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